Data breaches are a major news item, they trigger anxiety for IT and executive departments and can reduce the confidence of customers and employees. Enterprises that share data with purpose have become a growing trend due to their ability to obtain and amplify information from outside sources. This is the reason for the emergence of «frenemies» which are where businesses collaborate in a specific market to achieve objectives such as identifying fraud patterns or getting deeper insights on customers.

Sharing and analyzing data with colleagues can also provide valuable perspectives that would be difficult or impossible to gain on a personal basis. For example, the data gathered by employees in different departments can help to identify new ways to reach customers or enhance sales and marketing strategies. This can help businesses discover opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.

Inconsistent or incorrect data can delay decision-making and wreak havoc with internal processes and operations, especially in an industry that is highly transactional. Inaccurate data can reveal inaccurate customer information like the contact information and purchase history. This can hinder effective communication and cause frustration over time.

Data sharing can solve this issue, allowing the analytics team to concentrate on deeper analysis that can yield more effective and efficient business results. Additionally, leveraging data from other departments can help eliminate any inconsistencies or discrepancies on reports, which can slow down operational efficiency and cause confusion for teams that need to utilize the data. Data sharing can also free up the analytics team to concentrate on other important tasks that include helping other teams understand what the data is telling them and how it relates to their own specific initiatives.

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